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Watching an addicted teen turn from the joyful child you once remember into an angry person you no longer recognize is undoubtedly one of the most difficult and painful situations a parent can face in this life.

The decision to offer the gift of help to an addicted teen is the first step onto the long, difficult and abundantly rewarding road to recovery, both for the addict and for the rest of their family.

This period of time — the time from when you set your intention of getting your addict to a safe and secure rehabilitation facility to the time the addict physically enters a program of your choosing — can be a terrifying time for families affected by addiction. For many, it feels like yet another long road trip for which you were never given directions.

Good News: SATS Team Leaders from Foresight Security Solutions, Inc. offer secure transportation

and compassionate counsel to young addicts and their families during this difficult time.


Secure Adolescent Transport Service, or SATS, is a safe, compassionate and confidential means of helping your adolescent transition from the painful life they are leading in their addiction to the safe environment of an addiction treatment center or recovery program of your choice.

SATS Team Leaders from Foresight Security Solutions, Inc., will guide you through the transport process as you prepare to offer the gift of recovery to the addict you love — and as you begin the process of healing from the effects of addiction on your life, too.


SATS fees vary and are determined on an individual basis, as each transport case is unique.

Costs for transport-associated expenses such as airfare, car rentals and hotel costs can be determined easily even on a short, or urgent, timeline. The time required of a Transport Specialist will vary, however, and can be estimated only after an initial conversation with the parent or guardian who will coordinate the transport.


Taking the step to get your adolescent treatment for their addiction takes courage — and presents an onslaught of emotion that most families find difficult to handle.

After struggling with and finally making the decision to get their teen help, many parents of teenage addicts question whether they can or want to face leaving their child at a treatment center once they finally physically arrive at one.

Other parents are willing to offer the gift of recovery      to the addict they love but are simply unwilling or unable to to deliver their child to the program of their choosing.



We have no knowledge of any health care insurance carrier that currently covers costs for this type of service.

Contact Rod or Ericka today for more information on Secure Adolescent Transport Service (SATS) by the experts at Foresight Security Solutions, Inc., 712.323.2848 or [email protected]


Safe and smooth transport of your adolescent is chief among our priorities. To help ensure this, we urge parents and guardians of our SATS clients to use the utmost discretion during the planning process. Here are some tips:

  • Store all documents related to SATS in a secure location outside of the home.
  • Avoid throwing away SATS and treatment-related information inside your home.
  • Delete all related phone and fax numbers from any communications devices after use.
  • Secure and/or delete all SATS and treatment-related e-mail communications and website addresses immediately after use.
  • Locate photo ID of SATS client to assist you in filling out all contracts in their entirety prior to transport.
  • Make sure signatures are notarized where required on all documents.
  • Finalize all financial obligations with treatment program representatives before transport.
  • Honestly and openly share information about SATS client with both Transport Team and treatment program representatives.
  • Pack only program-approved essentials; limit luggage to one bag per transport.
  • Prepare a list of all medications SATS client is prescribed; refill all prescriptions and deliver directly to program representatives, making sure medications are clearly labeled.
  • Maintain normal daily routine to avoid alerting SATS client to your plan for the transport.
  • Make plans to secure any pets which may interfere during pick-up of SATS client